Tuesday, December 11, 2018

2018 December 11 Tuesday

2018 December 11 Tuesday in Cedar Park and Liberty Hill, Texas


32° overnight and reached 56° under clear a sky.

Last year one of the kids (11 to 13?) who came to see me was Ian. He has Downs syndrome and is semi verbal, he talks but is difficult to understand. He made a big impression on me. It was a slow day last year and after the pictures were taken, I was able to spend extra time with him while his mother looked over the photos. He sang Rudolph the red nose reindeer to me. We pretended that my big chair was the sleigh. After Mom was done with the pictures, Ian went to her, kissed her, and told her goodbye, he was staying with Santa.
Today it was time to change shifts of Santas. I had picked up my stuff to leave and the sign had been in place that Santa was feeding his reindeer and would return in 15 minutes. That's when I saw Ian and his mother. I waved them in past the sign. We got photos and I visited with him for a little bit. When Mom came to get him today, he laid his head against the arm of the chair and pretended to be asleep. He still wants to stay with Santa. How can you not love a kid like that? I'm still smiling.

God bless you and g'nite.

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MUSINGS - December 11, 2018



Mark 15:21
A man named Simon from the city of Cyrene was coming into Jerusalem from his home in the country. He was the father of Alexander and Rufus. As he was about to pass by, the soldiers forced him to carry Jesus' cross.

Who was this man, Simon, whose name and those of his sons is included in this narrative? The Bible sheds no further light than that which is given here. However since the names of the sons are given, it can be sent y assumed that they were known by the original readers.

I did a Google search and found this information.

Cyrene was located in northern Africa in eastern Libya. A Greek city in the province of Cyrenaica, it had a Jewish community where 100,000 Judean Jews had been forced to settle during the reign of Ptolemy Soter (323–285 BC) and was an early center of Christianity.

The Cyrenian Jews had a synagogue in Jerusalem, where many went for annual feasts. Some interpret the passage as indicating that Simon was chosen because he may have shown sympathy with Jesus. Others point out that the text itself says nothing, that he had no choice, and that there is no basis to consider the carrying of the cross an act of sympathetic generosity.

Mark 15:21 identifies Simon as "the father of Alexander and Rufus". Tradition states that they became missionaries; the inclusion of their names may suggest that they were of some standing in the Early Christian community at Rome. It has also been suggested that the Rufus (in Greek: Ῥοῦφον or Rhouphon) mentioned by Paul in Romans 16:13 is the son of Simon of Cyrene. Some also link Simon himself with the "men of Cyrene" who preached the Gospel to the Greeks in Acts 11:20.

Whoever he may have been, Simon certainly did not know when his day began that he would be called upon to carry a cross. Likewise, we never know when a figurative cross may be ours to carry. Troubles seldom come upon us with prior warning. We must always be prepared to pick up our cross and follow Jesus.

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