Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 07-21

It has cooled down to below 90!  Yeah!

Excessive Heat Warning for most of the next week!

Our 'Summer Home' the Excel has no awning on the west side of the unit.  The sun pouring through those nice large windows really cranks the heat up.  So I've been putting that silver bubble wrap type of insulation in the windows.  Today, it dawn on me that maybe, if I  would put it on the outside, I might block some of the rays from ever entering out home.  This is what I've come up with. It 'aint purdy' but maybe it'll be more efficient.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 July 3

            One more item can be crossed off my list of things to do before going to Texas this winter.  I bought a set of pots and pans to go in the Hitch Hiker.  It is an 18 Piece Wolfgang Puck set. 6 of the 18 pieces are utensils and pieces 5 are lids.  There are also 3 skillets, 2 sauce pans, a stockpot and a chef’s pot.  I’m not really sure what the chef’s pot is for.  It looks like a large mixing bowel but it has the heavy base to be used on the stove.  I suppose I’ll use it like a wok and for cooking spaghetti.  Everything is nice heavy stainless steel.  I, of course, have several cast iron skillets already in the Hitch Hiker.  I also purchased a set of mixing bowls for the Hitch Hiker.  They are a heavy melamine with a silicone ring on the bottom which keeps them from sliding.  They also have snap on plastic lids.  And most importantly, they nest nicely in the cupboard.  This is the second set of them that I’ve purchased.  The first ones were so nice that instead of putting them in the Hitch Hiker for future use, I kept them in the Excel to use this summer.  Next on my list of items for the Hitch Hiker are a Mr. Coffee coffee maker and a toaster.

            I’m getting excited about spending the winter in Texas and seeing kids and grandkids that I’ve spent too little time with.  I’m also a little anxious because we haven’t been putting the savings away like we should.  It’s going to take a fair amount of cash to haul the Hitch Hiker down there.  Also, we don’t have a clear destination yet.  The working plan is to get into the Austin / Cedar Park area and find a Corp of Engineers or State park where we can stay while looking for a nice, reasonably priced RV park where we can have a long term site for the winter months and have a place to store the fifth wheel during the summer.  The hope is that we won’t have to drag it back and forth.
            Maybe we can do some workcamping to make the dollars stretch further.  Since we’ll be there over Christmas, maybe I can get a gig as Santa.  Anybody know of job openings for Santa’s in Austin / Cedar Park

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