Genesis Addendum

            Here are the changes that have happened since the original posting in early November of 2011.
            It is now mid January of 2012 and it is a bright, sunny day with temps in the mid 40s.  After that first heavy and wet three inches of snow, we’ve only had a couple dustings of snow that soon melted away.  We’ve actually had more rain than snow this winter because of the extremely mild temps, some of which have been record setting.  We have also had several nights in the single digits and wind-chills well below zero. 
The wind took down a portion of our fence and tore loose some of the skirting
            New Years Eve and Day greeted us with sustained winds of nearly forty mph and recorded gusts of fifty-eight mph.  The wind caused some minor damage to our skirting.  About a week later we had another couple days of high winds (though not quite as high as before).  All in all, it has been a wonderful winter … so far.
            Now … about the trailer situation.  In the previous post I stated that we weren’t sure how our original plans were going to be modified.  Well, here is what has happened.  We bought an additional fifth wheel.

            We now own (but do not have possession of) an Excel 34.5 RLJM.  The NEW plan is to leave the Excel on our seasonal site at Cutty’s Campground where it will become our Summer Home.  Currently the Excel is in storage at the dealers (Plaza RV in Bondurant Iowa).
            The HH will go to Texas this coming Fall and will become our Winter Home.
            The RR is currently in storage and being used for storage of our extra stuff.  The plan is to “part out” the RR’s equipment (microwave, new refrigerator, newer water pump, newly rebuilt furnace, new 20ft awning etc)  Once we’ve sold the innards from the trailer, we’ll either keep it as a storage bin, or sell it as scrap.
            So, at this point, we are back on track with plan A.  Or maybe it is plan A.02.

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