Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winery visits and free RV parking

I received the following email the other day.

Hi Tom,
Do you offer advertising on your blog? If so, what are your rates? We are a new RV club offering free overnight parking at NW wineries and farms, and we need to get the word out without breaking the bank. Our goals are to promote tourism to farmers, responsible consumption of alcohol at wineries and provide fun new experiences for RVers. 
Thanks so much!

Helen Pollock

I replied:

Thanks for the inquiry.  I have just started monitizing via AdSense.  However, I have only 5 followers and low traffic so my blog would likely not generate any hits for your club.

I then received this response:

Oh, thanks so much Tom, for your response. We are just trying to figure out AdWords, kind of complicated but I think its starting to work. Would you mind passing on our web address to your followers? It’s a pretty fun deal for anyone who RV’s in the NW.

So, I am posting this and if any of you are interested you can follow the link to .  If you do ... let her know that you saw it here.


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