Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012 March 13

Wow!  Temperatures in the mid to upper seventies!  In March!  In Iowa!  This is not exactly typical for us.  But we’re lovin’ it!
            Ella and I are getting excited about swapping our fifth wheels.  We will be pulling the Hitch Hiker off of our seasonal site and setting the Excel in its place.  Then we will go about the task of outfitting both trailers for fulltime living.
Hitch Hiker
            The plan is for the Excel to become our summer home in Iowa and the Hitch Hiker to be our winter home in Texas.  We have enough household “stuff” that can be split between the two trailers.  Ella has begun the process of dividing bedding, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, towels etc.   I believe Ella is most excited about buying more duplicates of things like coffee pots and George Forman grills.
            For my part, I’ll start separating my duplicate tools.  Even though I got rid of a lot of them when we sold the house and became fulltime RVers, I still have more than enough pliers and screwdrivers to split between trailers.  My complete tool box will stay in the truck and travel between the two.
            It just occurred to me that when we take position of the Excel, we will now own three big, old, non-digital ready TVs.  Does anybody even want those dinosaurs anymore?  I’ll post them on a local online swap board.  I don’t know if even Goodwill will take them anymore.  I want to be rid of those and purchase another fl at screen TV.
Road Ranger
            Of course all this purchasing means I’ll need to get off my butt and do some work camping this summer.  Money!  I’d like to be able to live without it, but other people seem to expect me to give them money in exchange for the goods and services they provide for me. (Grin)  Purchasing an fifth wheel wasn’t really planned into our budget and having the truck’s radiator crack wasn’t either.  We’ve dipped deeper into our saving than I’m comfortable with.  This means I need to start putting money back into the account.  (Donations are cheerfully accepted! Grin)
                 Our poor ol' Road Ranger has been retired to become a storage trailer and a source of parts.  I'm hoping to sell the appliances from it.  It has a nearly new twenty foot awning that I'll advertise.  We had just rebuilt the furnace a year ago and the water pump was replaced two years ago.  I'm hoping that I can find buyers for some of those items as well as the furnishings.

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