Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 March 19 Monday

            Let’s see … Monday … This is a day that we babysit.   Only … we didn’t.  And we won’t be babysitting tomorrow.   We have to wait until Wednesday to see our little girls.  This has thrown my whole week off.  (I’m only partially kidding.)
            Tom and Sue, friends of ours from Perry, stopped by to visit and go to lunch with us.  They are on the way to Missouri to visit with their kids and grandkids.  Tom and Sue also have a fifth wheel on a seasonal site here at Cutty’s.  While they were here, Tom did a quick check of   their trailer to make sure it was going to be ready for camping when they are.
            The four of us went to Ryan’s for a buffet lunch.  When we finished, they headed for Missouri and we left to go to Sam’s Club.  We picked up some items that we’ll need as we split our household goods between the Summer home and the Winter home. I’m hesitant to purchase much at this point.  We will not be leaving for Texas until at least October.  Ella, on the other hand, is anxious to get things divided and purchased.  She has begun splitting bedclothes, towels, and kitchen utensils.
            Over the last couple of weeks, more and more ‘snow birds’ are finding their way back North.  It is good to see our seasonal friends as they are seeking to cure their spring fever.  The campground is coming back to life with wood smoke and children’s laughter. Golf carts and bicycles are sharing the roads with the ‘lookers’. 
Lookers are the people who are considering getting a seasonal site.  They start driving around looking at any currently empty sites every year about this time.  We did the same thing several years ago.  The funny part is, sites that are empty now may already be paid for by people that haven’t pulled their units onto them yet.  And sites that are currently occupied may be empty on April first when people decide to not renew their site rent for the coming season.  In other words, it is really a waste of time and gas to go ‘looking’ yet.  But it is fun!

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