Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 April 18

This was the beginning of our moving day on April 12th. 
I pulled the Hitch Hiker into the 'overflow' area at Cutty's Campground and then brought the Excel home from the dealership.
I parked them side by side, door to door.  Notice that the bottom step of one is resting on the bottom step of the other.  I then bridged the two with a couple of two by twelves.
We moved most of the items that needed moved before the rain started.
Yes it rained!  Four and one half inches.
And wind!  Some places reported sixty mile per hour.  The weather station at the elementary school near us showed fifty four miles per hour.
As we were rocked to sleep we both wondered what it would look like if we had to call our insurance agent and explain that one of our fifth wheels was blown into the other.
The thirteenth (Friday the) we moved more things between rain showers.
Saturday we finished and Sunday we rested.
Monday, after dropping Charlotte at school, in the rain, I moved the Excel onto our seasonal site.
Tuesday, I hooked the Excel back on the truck and moved it ahead about six to twelve inches.
This is Wednesday and I plan to sit on my @$$ and watch television.

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