Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 October 15 Monday

            10 a.m. I slept until nearly 6 this morning.  It is so peaceful here that I understand why it is named “Shady Oaks Riverside RV Retreat”  It is defiantly not a resort like Cutty’s back in Des Moines.  There is no swimming pool, tennis, miniature golf etc. Here you see the deer, squirrels, birds and butterflies as well as hear the breeze in the trees, owls and the quietness of nature. In short, it is a perfect place to retreat into your own thoughts and meditate on God’s goodness.
            Around 7:30 every morning (except Sunday) the men gather at the rec-room for coffee and visit.  Twice a week (Monday and Friday) the women gather at 9:30 and make plans on how to maintain their hold on domination of the world.
            I started a loaf of bread in the bread machine.  It should be finished by lunch time.
            I need to call Hill Country RV to find out when we will be able to pick up the two refrigerator vent covers.  And hopefully they will have information about price and availability of a hydraulic pump for the slide out.

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