Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2012 October 17 Wednesday

The pump that should move the slide

            Yesterday (16th)was another day of little activity.  I did get the roof vent installed and we (mostly Ella) did some more rearranging our living space to make it more functional.  Hillcountry RV called about 3:30 to let us know that the other vent has arrived.  We decided to not make a special trip into Marble Falls for the part, but to wait until we went to visit Heather and Mike.
The area around Shady Oaks
            Today (17th) is my youngest daughter’s, Heather, birthday. We had made plans to spend the day with her and Mike (until he had to leave for work).  However, I awoke about two this morning with diarrhea and vomiting.  I thought I was over it by five.  However, after I ate a half a bowl of oatmeal, it started over.  Heather had a managers’ meeting this morning, so I sent her a text letting her know what was going on and that we would not be spending the day with her after all.  I also called Mike to let him know what was going on just in case she returned home without reading the text.
            I went back to bed and slept until nearly 3:30.  I was feeling better (not good … but better) so we decided to go to Marble Falls and get the refrigerator side vent that had Hillcountry had called us about yesterday.  It is about thirty miles to get to any town from here.  Burnet, Llalo and Marble Falls are about equal distance and there isn’t much in between but ranches (and those are far between and well off the road). 
The area around Shady Oaks
            When we arrived at Hillcountry I found that they couldn’t sell just the door of the vent but the whole vent kit.  I was hoping to just got back to the trailer and fit the door in place.  I did try that.  However, the new door did not fit the old trim piece.  I removed the old trim and was relieved that the new unit fit the opening.  It is installed.  I will pick up some putty tape the next time I’m in a town with a hardware.  I will then need to uninstall, add the putty and reinstall.
            While at Hillcountry we learned that the model hydraulic pump that we have is obsolete.  Larry is searching for the pump model that replaces the old.  I’m still not entirely sure that the pump is the problem.  I hate the thought of spending the money (still unknown but I’m guessing around a thousand dollars) and finding that the slide still will not go out.
            After installing the new vent, I finally felt that I could safely eat something.  So, I fixed a couple of eggs and some toast.  I then went up to bed and watched something on my Droid TV.  That was probably sometime before six.  I woke up about nine.  I fixed some more toast (with honey this time) and a cup of highly sugared coffee with milk.  I normally drink it black.  However, I seemed to be craving the sweet stuff.
            I’ve been working on this blog since then and am thinking that I’ll go back to bed as soon as I’m done posting this. (it is now nine forty-five p.m.)  I really hope that Ella doesn’t get what ever this was/is.
the area surrounding Shady Oaks

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