Tuesday, February 5, 2013

100% Sunblock Window Shade

2013 February 05
        I stopped at Lowe's the other day for the sole purpose of buying a roll of Industrial Strength Velcro.  I love this stuff.  Frankly I've been unimpressed ... no that's not right ... I've been unfavorable impressed by the poor adhesive on most of the Velcro I've bought in the past.  But this stuff sticks to what it is supposed to stick.  Now, I just wish I could find it in 3/4" widths which would be more convenient for most of my projects.

          The project for which I need the Velcro is insulated window coverings for the Hitch Hiker.  I purchased the roll of insulation before we set the appointment at the NuWa factory for repair of the slide out (Ultra Glide as it is referred to in the owner’s mantel).  
          Originally, the plan was to leave the HH in storage somewhere in the Austin Texas area.  So, I was going to cover the windows with reflective insulation to lessen the heat build up in the stored trailer.  Now that we are going to end up taking it back north with us, there is less imperative to cover the windows.  However, I have the supplies so I might as well make use of the good weather and proceed with the project.   
              The first thing that I do is measure the dimensions of the window.  Then I roll out the insulation, measure and mark my cut lines then cut it with scissors.  Now the corners on most RV windows are rounded not square.  So, I have a choice here; I can either leave the coverings square cornered or round them to match the windows.  I'm choosing to round them.  I have a handy shape gauge that makes it easy to exactly copy odd shapes.  However, that is with the tools that I left in Iowa.  So I improvise.  First order of business is to find something that matches the curve of the window.
        It happens that we have an assortment of plastic lids.  So I sort through them until I find one that matches the corner.  I mark the lid (Don’t tell Ella that I used a permanent marker on it … it’ll come off with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser … I think.) so that I know where the ends of the curve are.  Then it is a simple thing to transfer the template to the material and cut. 
        Now, as it happens, my windows already have half of a Velcro set (the harder hook side of the set) already all the way around the edge.  That is because I previously made storm windows of 8 mil. plastic and used the Velcro to hold it tightly in place.  Any way, now I just need to attach the softer loop side of the Velcro to the insulation.  I can just use tabs for this because, unlike the storm window, these to not to form an air tight barrier.  
          With the Velcro tabs in place I just need to identify where this particular cover is to be used.  Because I have some Christmas labels that are self adhesive, I use those and write the window placement on the label.  In this case it is the curb-side rear window.  Ta Da! One window cover done!  Ten to go.

Measure the window
Roll out the Insulation

Measure and mark

Find a template for the curve
Mark Corner Curve

Cut straight edges

Add Velcro Tabs
Label Which Window
Final Product in Place

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