Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Old Records - October 2002 - Chautauqua Greenbelt Park

I was going through some of my old CDs and found some document files that I had created back then.  I've cut and pasted the text but I had embedded a lot of photographs that I don't know how to transfer over.  
Do any of you know how to lift photos from a text document and turn them back into jpeg files?  There were some really nice photos to go with this text and I have no idea where the original photos might be ... or even if I still have them somewhere.

  October 2002 Camping at
a county park in Polk County, Iowa.
       It was cold and windy.  We had just bought a screen tent and set it up instead of the large tent. We wrapped the screen tent in a large tarp and used duct tape to keep it from flapping in the breeze!
      We had heat from the cooking stove and lantern. Actually we had a little too much heat for a little while.  The hose connection from the propane bottle to the stove wasn't quite tight enough and was leaking gas which ignited.  It was quickly extinguished and repaired.        
        We read...  played games... and stared at each other with lust in our eyes. (or maybe it was fumes from the fire!  It might even have been carbon monoxide poisoning from the lantern.)  We slept in the conversion van at night and were toasty warm on the first night below freezing!
       The next morning was breathtaking!  I watched as the sun came up and slowly climbed down from the tree tops on the west side of the lake!  In an amazingly short amount of time, the entire lake was in full sunlight!  The lake is actually the old Skunk River bed which was cut off from the new channel quite a while ago.
      This is a lovely and quiet park with modern bath-rooms and showers.  Mostly electrical sites with a few non electric.  There are nice, level hiking trails just right for the old and lame among us.
      The Buckskinners meet here in the fall.  There are shooting ranges and hunting is allowed in designated places at designated times.

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