Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 November 30

Those pretty sparkles are caused by fractures in the ice.

Today is a beautiful sunny morning and the temperature is still below freezing.  There is a thin coat of ice on our lake.  Leaves had fallen on the ice and the wind was blowing them around like tiny skaters. 

Shelf in up position
Shelf in down position
Tuesday, I took some bills to be mailed.  Then I went over to the used bread store* to purchase some bread and I then drove to the Woodsmith store.  I was shopping for a bracket support for the shelf I had installed.  They had exactly that for which I was looking.  Unfortunely it was $24 dollars or more.  So from there I went over to Home Depot and picked up one foot of a tiny brass chain for 63 cents.  I used the chain to support the shelf.  Simpler is better.  Simpler and cheaper is great!

You will remember that a couple days ago I awoke to find that one of my LP tanks was empty.  For the last four years, when I had a 100# tank empty, I would load it into the pick, drive to Flying J, get the tank filled, come home and wrestle it back into place on the patio.  Yesterday I asked at the resort office if they would fill the tanks here.  Understand, they have LP tanks that they rent out to campers.  I knew that they provided pick up and delivery of THEIR LP tanks.  Since I own my own tanks, I didn’t know if they would also fill mine.  They said that I just needed to unhook it and move it to the curb.  So I did. 
Today when I got home from our meeting, the LP tank that I’d left for Cutty’s to fill, had been filled.  And it was now setting next to my other tanks.  That was very nice of them to carry it all away up there.

I have found a blog by someone who is both informative and fun to read.  His RV perspective is different than ours because he has been mobile whereas we have been primarily stationary in our RV.  I have only just started reading his blog but I can already recommend it to you.  It is called Homeless On Wheels and this link will take you to his home site.

*Used bread store was a title I bestowed on the day-old bread outlets.  It grossed out my kids so much that I’ve continued calling it that.  With any luck I’ll be able to gross out grandkids and great-grandkids.  Life is good!

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