Friday, November 25, 2011

Trip to Texas


 Here are some more old photos that I found.

When my oldest son was to be married, Ella and I loaded into the conversion van and drove from Des Moines, Iowa to Austin, Texas.  We camped twice on the way down but I only have one picture of the camping.  It was taken in Texas at a small county park and we were the only people there.  We had stopped earlier at a Corp of Engineers park in Waco where I stepped on a hill of fire ants while hooking up to electricity.  That was a shock!
The kids were married at an artists (former) home that sat atop a hill overlooking the city.  The wedding was outside in the shade (thank God for the shade).
I don't remember the name of this place
But we drove a long way on a lonely road
to get here and find that it wasn't open.
So we just took pictures around the outside.
It was an impressive home and built just eight
years before our more modest home.
The reception was amazing.  My son is a chef and he called in favors from vendors and had lots of friends who are chefs prepare an awesome feast.  The meal actually got a standing ovation.

Camped here one night in Texas



It was hot and the pool was bathwater warm

My Kids

Wedding Party

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