Monday, November 28, 2011

This is a follow up to the story of the flat tire from Saturday.  I took the truck in to the Goodyear store and had them put the other three tires on.  And save the best of the old tires for the spare.  So I should be in better shape driving in the snow this winter and have newer tires for towing the HH down to the Austin Texas area in the fall of 2012.
The HH has nearly new tires on it which is also a blessing.  I’ll just need to get the load and the tire pressure checked before we pull out.

It is a nice sunny day and the temp is above freezing by a degree or two.  So, I took the opportunity of such a relatively nice day to top off the freshwater tank.  It took more than I thought it would since we haven’t been using from the tank that often.  I guess I’ll need to monitor it a little closer than I have been.

We dug our little pre-lit Christmas tree out of storage but could not find the legs for it.  I’m hoping that they are in one of the other Christmas storage boxes.  I can’t imagine why they would have ended up in a separate box.  I do have a regular Christmas tree stand that we can use if I don’t find the ones that belong with the tree.
We originally were planning on placing the tree on the table but have decided to put it on our coffee table/footstool.  The coffee table is actually a steamer trunk that is covered with a small blanket type throw.  It works well for both coffee table and footstool in front or the couch.  And of course you can never have too much storage in an RV.  We don’t do a lot of decorating at Christmas.  That isn’t to say that we don’t have a lot of decoration up.  It is just that they are up most of the year.
Somewhere under this pile of snow
is a string of lighted candy canes!!!
When you look like Mr. and Mrs. Claus, you tend to accumulate a lot of Christmas knick-knacks.  These are scattered in strategic places all over the HH.  I even added a shelf, on the fascia board over the slide out, to hold a bunch of Santa’s and Mrs. Clauses.  We, of course, have a North Pole at the edge of our patio.  We have had lighted candy canes (about three foot high) that we’ve tried to have up at Christmas time the last couple of years.  Year before last the canes were completely buried in snow.  And last year we didn’t put them out soon enough and the ground froze so that we couldn’t drive the stakes into the ground.  We had the canes up for Christmas in July and have just left them out.  So, as I said we don’t have a lot of decorating to do for Christmas.

On a completely different note.  This is what I saw when I looked out my window this morning.  It is a picture of the truck camper of a fellow full time RV here at Cutty’s.  He has been living full time it for as long as we have staying here (about 5 years).  The good news is; he just recently bought a motorhome and moved into it.  He had put the truck and camper up for sale.  I wonder if he got it sold?

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