Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh What A Beautiful Morning - Oh What An Ugly Day

Sunrise December First 2011
      Isn't that a beautiful sunrise?
      Yep!  And it is the last we saw of the sun.  It's 34 degrees and going for a high of 40 with 30% chance or rain/snow mix.
       I'm sitting wrapped in my fleece poncho.  Several years ago we purchased a couple of Snuggies (c).  We bought them because they seemed like a good idea for a couple of old f@rts that like to sit around and read on cold winter's days.  The things don't fasten in back.  Hey even hospital gowns tie in back!  And they kept sliding off the shoulders.
       My solution was to go to the fabric store and buy four yards of fleece for me and three yards for Ella.  I'm over six foot and she 'claims' to be over five foot.  At any rate, I folded them in half and cut a head hole.  Done!  Two full-length and warm ponchos.  I suppose if I could come up with a cute name, I could do and infomercial and sell 'em.  That is if people were to lazy to cut a hole in a piece of fabric for themselves.
Whata ya think?  Would people really do that?
       I'm constantly amazed at the crap people will buy if you'll give them a half hour commercial demonstrating it.
      Do any of you remember the infomercial about the 
Steppersizer - or some such name.  It was basically a plastic block the you stepped up and stepped down on and off.  It came with an exercise book and a DVD for (imagine the following said in the proper pitchman's voice)just three easy payments of $19.99.  But wait a minute!  There's more!  Order now and also receive this fabulous exercise mat!  And if you order NOW you'll also receive a second Steppersizer absolutely free - just pay separate shipping and postage.
      Yep!  If they can sell a plastic block, I think I could sell a couple yards of fabric for six times the price of what I paid for it.
      Oh, wait, I just got another idea.  I could also sell the pattern to do-it-yourselfers.  I can see it now ... print off a picture of an elongated rectangle with small dotted lined circle in the middle.  That oughta be worth  a couple bucks plus shipping and handling!
     You know I almost hate to post this for fear somebody will actually do it.
     You all have a good day.  Me and the missus will be stayin' warm here in our little tin box on wheels.

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