Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 January 10

2012 January 09 Sunrise

2012 January 09 Moonrise next to the street lamp
            Sunday the 8th Sunday school and church.  Not much else.  Afternoon nap.
            Monday the 9th we ate breakfast at home then (Senior) coffee at McD's while waiting for Aspen Dental to open at nine. 
From there we went to Nate & Beth's to watch Lorelia until time for her to go to preschool. We had a little time with Lorelia – she read a couple of books to each of us. After dropping Lorelia at preschool, we went to Old Chicago Pizza for the buffet lunch. 
            From there we went back to Nate and Beth’s.  Ella did laundry and I watched a little TV.                
            Very quickly it was time to pick up Miss Charlotte from school.  As we were headed that direction (into the sun), I realized that I’d left my hat at Old Chicago.  So after Charlotte was in the truck, we went back and got my hat. On the way, Charlotte showed us some of her drawings from school and sang some of the songs that she is learning in Sunday school and the Wednesday evening club at church.
Grumpy Man
            After retrieving my hat we went to Lorelia's preschool.  While we waited for her dismissal time, Charlotte took a picture of my sweatshirt and hat.  She said it looked like a grumpy man.  I have to agree.  I can see the grumpy man.  Can you?
             As soon as both girls were in the truck, the teasing and screaming started!  As soon as the pecking order had been reestablished things settled down.
            Granddaughter Audrie arrived home from work at the same time we pulled in with the girls.  So we only stayed long enough to pick up the laundry and give everyone hugs and kisses.
            Arriving home, I set about empting the holding tanks and refilling the freshwater tank.  Then we just sat with our feet up until it was time for me to go to Administrative Council meeting at church which was very short because there was so little to report.
            Tuesday the 10th Went to Nate and Beth's to take Lorelia to preschool.  From there to church where we took down the Christmas decorations and put up the new paraments.
             We stopped at the Hospital and picked up copy of my medical records.  I will make a copy to keep with us as we travel and the other copy goes to the VA Hospital.
            The truck was down to a quarter tank so we stopped at Sam's Club for gas.  While we were there we picked up a few grocery items.  I love the restaurant quality bacon from Sam's. 
           Next stop was Walgreen's to pick up Ella's prescriptions.
           We came home and fixed egg macmuffins (note spelling to avoid copyright infringement) for supper and I balanced checkbook and budget.

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