Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Prep (Part Five) Insulation - Outside

Living Fulltime in an RV – During an Iowa
Part Five - Insulation
So, now we have water in the RV.  How do we keep it from freezing in the RV’s water lines?  If you have a full four season RV you MAY not have to add skirting.  Again, my opinion here is that the cost of adding insulation is miniscule in relation to replacing broken pipes and water damaged floors and cabinetry. 
What I recommend* is using foil sided foam board for the skirting.  The foam board (½ to ¾ inch) is ridged enough to stand up to the weight of snow and the blast of winter winds.  It is also easy to cut with a razor blade knife.  
*You will of course ask the office where you are wintering what restriction they may place on the type of skirting.
Foam board insulating skirting
Some of my neighbors go all out with the skirting by building complete frames out of 1x1s and attaching the foam board with plastic pop rivets. Others only make a frame to attach the bottom of foam.  Personally, I find the board when taped together with aluminum duct tape is sufficient.  Because the insulation will have gaps at the bottom due to the uneveness of the ground, I use expanding foam from a can to complete the seal.  The foam also helps to stabilize the board against the wind and snow.
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