Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 January 17

What a difference a day makes!

We drove the interstate at a maximum of forty five mph this morning on our way to babysit with the great granddaughters.  The snow had nearly stopped, however the wind was still keeping in in the air!

Charlotte was sick today so we watched both girls until I took Lorelia to preschool.

Ella did laundry while Charlotte slept and I played with Lorelia.  Free use of washer and dryer is part of the perks of watching the girls.  I saves us $6 to $8 a week.

I had just arrived back at Nathan and Beth's when the girls' Aunt Audrie (who is temperarly living with her brother and sister in law) arrived home from work.  So, she took over watching Charlotte in the afternoon.

We made a run to the credit union to deposit Ella's check. (Banks were closed yesterday for MLK Day)

By now it was about one o'clock and we were getting peckish.  So, we went to Ryan's Steak House for lunch.  I know that I've mentioned this before but I'll do so again,  I have not found a better value for lunch.  With our old farts discount, it costs the two of us a whooping $11.64 for the buffet and drinks.  That is less than two compos at Mickey Ds.

We returned home a little before three and I spent the rest of the afternoon surfing the web.  There's a story about a guy who lives in the stump of a tree, a video by a man who lives part time in his 'stealth' van, people building homes out of bales of straw, and how to turn a buried cargo container into a 'survival' bunker  And for some unknown reason, mixed into the same information stream as the previous videos, a Russian (?) news anchor woman who show a LOT of cleavage.  Hey! I didn't go LOOKING for it, but I did have to check it out.

Ella ended up taking a nap for most of the afternoon. As a matter of fact, I need to wake her since it is now after six.

That's all for now.

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