Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Water Pump That Didn't

I just found this 'draft' of a post that I had done back in November but never posted.  It's not dementia, I have always had a bad memory ... I think!
The weather has been unusually mild for this time of year.  We have been hooked up to ‘city water’ nearly every day since we bought the Hitch Hiker.  I had filled the eighty gallon fresh water tank shortly after bringing the HH to our home site.  I couple weeks ago I disconnected the city water and turned the water pump on.  I wanted to make sure that it worked before we got to much further into winter and had to rely on it. 
            I’m glad I tried it because it was not working correctly.  We immediately called the campground office and got our name on the list for the maintenance guys to come check it out.  Since ours was a ‘non critical’ need it was placed at the bottom of their ‘to do’ list.  I can appreciate that.  At this time of year they are very busy winterizing RVs for people who will not be staying here but their RVs will.  That type of work is always going to come first because it HAS to be done before the first hard freeze.
            The only problem with the delay is that it gave me too much time to think about the ‘what ifs’ about the pump.  You know, what if they have to drop the enclosed holding tank and replace it?  What if it was pumping water under the trailer (which is all enclosed with insulation so that I can’t see what is going on under there?)  What if it can’t be fixed and we have to go through the winter with out ‘running’ water?
            Travis, our handy-dandy handy man was here the day before Thanksgiving to look at it.  Turns out that he had been dreading coming to check it in fear that it was going to be a long, labor intensive job in the cold.
The Hitch Hiker's Water Pump
            As it turns out it was a simple fix.  When the RV dealer’s mechanics had done their prep work, they had replaced the filter on the side of the pump.  What they had not done was tighten it properly.  What was happening was that as the pump ran, it was sucking air through that loose connection.
            The fix was so easy that Travis didn’t even charge us for a service call.
I know better than to worry.  I know that it is a waste of time and energy.  I know that worry is interest that the devil charges on a bill that you don’t owe.  Still, sometimes my worry is larger than my faith.  Foolish me!

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