Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 December 15 additional

Our furnace is blowing cold air.  We had Travis, the park's maintenance man, over to check out.  He pulled some wires loose and stuck 'em back on.
Presto!  Furnace kicked on, warmed up and shut off just like it was designed to do. We upped the furnace setting and it kicked back on, reached temperature and shut off.  Again just like it was designed to do.
We thanked Travis.
He left.
We went shopping.
We came home and found the furnace blowing cold air.
Travis is off work until eight o'clock tomorrow.
We have an electric fireplace and an electric heater.
We are warm.
God is good.

This is our fireplace when it was in the Road Ranger.  Now it is in the Hitch Hiker.

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