Friday, December 2, 2011

2011 December 2

      Snow and ice on the windshield of ol' Rudolf here!

Our tiny Christmas tree with the fireplace in the background and Mrs. Claus asleep in her recliner.

      That 30% chance of ran/snow mix ended up being snow/snow mix.  But not much snow,  just enough to stick to the grass.  The sun came up and has turned on its 'high beams' this morning.  Weatherbug says that we're headed for a high of 40.  It is only 12 at the moment.

       I have two more Santa gigs lined up and one pending.  I've already done a "Jolly Holiday Lights" and will do another on the 22nd.  Next tuesday I will be at a party for "Voice to be Heard".  Voices to be Heard is a support group for families and children of an incarcerated loved one. The group gathers to support and comfort those who know too well the grief that comes to those left behind when someone they love is incarcerated.  Then, on the 20th I will be Santa at a preschool/round-the-clock child care. 

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