Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 December 11

Not a very bright 'sunrise'

            This has been an interesting day.
            The day started with Sunday school and church.
            Then we rushed home so that we could get to Emeritus in Urbandale for their Christmas party.  Mrs. Clause and I had a lot of fun passing out presents to the residents at this home for Alzheimer and dementia patients.  There were a lot of their families present and four young children were among them.  The staff at Emeritus had prepared stockings with goodies for the children.  We did the normal picture taking with the kids and a few of the adults.  After that we stayed for lunch.  We sat at a table with the other great grandmother of our great granddaughters.

            After the party was over, we came home for a little while.  We took a short nap and then got ready for another Santa gig at the Tavern II.

            Some friends of ours own a sign company and they were having the company Christmas party at the Tavern II pizza restaurant.  This party had more kids so it was even more fun.  The organizers met us outside the restaurant with presents for the kids.  We put the presents into my Santa bag before going inside.
            Once inside we had the photo taking with the kids and then handed out the gifts.  We stayed for a couple slices of pizza and more time visiting with the kids and adults.  One little girl is going to grow up to be a talk show host or investigative reporter.  She had LOTS of questions about the elves, reindeer and more.  What a delight.

            Tomorrow we will be babysitting with the great granddaughters over at our grandson’s.  We will also be getting the funds released for the purchase of the Excel.

            With the purchase of the Excel we are back on track with our plans for the coming year.  The Excel will be set on our seasonal site here in Iowa.  It will become basically a park model.  The Hitch Hiker will be for traveling and will go to Texas next fall.  The plan is to find a place to store the HH in Texas when we come back to Iowa for the summer.  The Road Ranger will either be sold or used to store our “stuff”.  That is the plan for now.  However, we have learned that God sometimes “tweaks” our plans to get them more in line with His.

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