Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 December 28

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Excel that we just purchased this month.  It is in storage at the dealers until Spring.  When the weather permits next year, we will move it onto our seasonal site at Cutty’s Camping Resort in Des Moines.
Then comes the task of outfitting it as our “Summer Home”.  We still have a few items stored in the Road Ranger that will be moved into the Excel.  Then some of the things that are in the Hitch Hiker will be moved to the Excel also.
Some items will remain in the Hitch Hiker so that it will be ready to roll to Texas in the Fall of 2012, where it will become our “Winter Home”.
We already have duplicates and spares of some items that we will split between the two fifth wheels.  Some things we will just pack and move with us from one to the other.  Some items, however, will need to be purchased to outfit one or the other of the units.  I’m dreading that part.  And that is the part that Ella will enjoy the most.  I have a feeling the IKEA will become a very familiar part of our lives in Texas.
One of the things I really like about the Excel is the kitchen.  It is laid our nearly identical to the Hitch Hiker’s.  It has an additional overhead cupboard over the “L” shaped counter, which I like.  The big addition is the additional closet and pantry space near the table and chairs.  There is a pull-out pantry next to the refrigerator, which is very much like the one in the Hitch Hiker.  However, across the aisle from the refrigerator is another pantry space which is much like what was in the Road Ranger.  And behind that pantry is a large closet/storage space.  This space would be more than large enough for a stacking washer/dryer set.  Since I have no desire to have a washer/dryer in a trailer, it will be for coats, long dresses, brooms, vacuums etc.
         As you can see, the pictures that I have posted here are taken from the dealer's website as I have not taken any photos of the unit myself.

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