Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2011 December 06

Here is my agenda for the day.  Soon, I will fix breakfast (one egg, one crisp bacon slice, one slice of white bread toast, and as many cups of coffee as Ella and I can get out of the 10 cup carafe), we will make a trip to Home Depot to purchase Quake Hold museum putty (I’ll explain that later), we’ll go to the clubhouse to exercise/swim, and then around five p.m. we’ll be Mr. & Mrs. Claus for the “Voices to be Heard” Christmas Party.

Sunrise 7:27 a.m.   What?  You don’t see the sun?  But I have it on the authority of the National Weather Bureau that this is sunrise.  Who are we to argue with such and august organization as they?

Some of the Santas that live in our home
            Okay, about Quake Hold; I was reading a blog called RVing Info and found this information about museum putty.  It is used by museums to secure items from being shaken loose during earthquakes.  As an RVer whose home on wheels is in a constant state of shake, it makes sense to secure knick-knacks etc.  I’ve used florist’s putty with only limited success and found other forms of tacky putty ineffective.  Since we have an extensive collection of Santa figurines that I normally take down and pack in newspaper when we move, the idea of holding them securely in place with putty is very appealing.  We will not be moving our home until at least next spring and maybe not until next fall; I will not be able to give you much follow up on my product testing.
            My stomach is growling and telling me that it is time for breakfast.  Ella will probably be awakened by the smell of the maple bacon cooking – although the smell of coffee brewing did rouse her.  I’ll write more later.

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