Saturday, December 3, 2011

At Blogs End

I have been checking out blogs about RVing.  There are lots and lots of them.  It is very interesting to read these little bits of other peoples adventures. 
However, I’ve also noticed so many beautifully crafted blogs with lots of posts that have just STOPED.  No new posts three – maybe five – years.  Some of them have a ‘final post’ that explains why their blog and/or RVing days are ending.  Others just stop. 
·       I found a site about a couple that posted regularly from August 2004 until January 2010.  They were posting about their trip to Cuba.  Then nothing.
·       Then I found this site with the opening line, “Yes I still miss RVing — But that was then and life still goes on :)   I do wish to keep this web site going cause I really do enjoy it also.”  Obviously the blogger had given up RVing but had the intent to continue the blog.  The last post was in August 2010.
·       I followed one link for an RVers website and found a message that it “may be for sale”
·       On one site was the post titled, “We are on the way!” it was dated May 21, 2007 and it was the last post.
·       Last update on a blog ironically titled “The Travel Continues” dated December 27, 2008 says in part, “We get "hitch-itch" occasionally but we settle down really fast realizing just how blessed we are to have a Job in California in these days and times.”
It is a sad realization that, just as so many of us changed our lives and become full timers, there may come a time when we will have to change our life style again.  I want to fill my life and my blogs with as much LIFE as I can.

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