Sunday, December 4, 2011

2011 December 04

            Ella worked Saturday evening at the clubhouse and I did laundry.  We seem to have developed this routine.  That way we can still spend time together (sort of) while she works.
Sunday, the Lord’s day, I went to Sunday school and church this morning while Ella worked at the clubhouse. 
Yesterday evening, Cathy, the Pastor’s wife, left a message on Facebook that Lee wanted to talk to me about a preaching opportunity.  I replied that I would talk to him on Sunday unless it was urgent, in which case he could call me.  He didn’t call so I was curious as to what he wanted.
Between Sunday school and church, Pastor and I had a chance to talk.  He has an opportunity to be with family on Saturday the tenth.  He wanted me to fill in for him for that Saturday Praise service.  I said that I was sorry but I had an appointment to be Santa at Lake Robbins Ballroom that evening.
On the way home, it troubled me that I had turned him down. The  I knew that I wasn’t choosing Santa over Jesus.  It is not an either or situation.  The Santa gig was a paying job and we are in need of the money.  Before I had driven very far, I called my friend Lynn and asked her how important Santa was to the party.  There are not going to be any children at the party, just adults.  I explained why I was asking and she said I should preach.  I quickly called Lee and told him that I will be able to preach on Saturday.
After church, there was a fellowship meal.  We have these fellowship meals nearly every month of the year.  Because Ella was working, I got two to-go boxes and took them to the clubhouse. 
Ella and I were able to have lunch together.  Then we had a meeting with Cutty’s Activity Committee.  This was the second meeting to plan events for the 2012 camping season.  We will have another in February to finalize the plans.  Cutty’s has  weekly activities throughout the camping season.  This year we will have several activities planned both before and after the ‘official’ camping season.
By the time the meeting was over, it was only an hour and half until Ella was off duty.  So, I just waited at the clubhouse.  While I was waiting, I watched a PPS special about Victor Borgia. 

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