Friday, December 16, 2011

Still a Bummer

       At eight a.m. I called and left a message for Travis that our furnace was back to blowing cold air  again.  He arrived shortly after and worked on the furnace until he decided that it must be the LP regulator.  He left and returned a short time later with a new regulator.  The furnace worked.  About an hour later it was back to blowing cold air again.  Again called Travis.  He came back and took the whole igniter assembly out and cleaned it.  Once everything was reassembled it worked.  I thanked him and told him that if it quit again, I would not bug him about it until Monday morning.  Well about six p.m. the furnace went back to just blowing cold air again.  I will not call him about it over the weekend.  He deserves a weekend off.  And we are plenty warm with our electric heaters.  
      I'm beginning to think that the furnace just likes all the extra attention.  You know like a mis-behaving child!  Maybe the same principle will work to correct the problem   I'll just ignore the furnace until it decides to quit acting out.

Thank you Chris Madden whoever you are for the cartoon that I found in so many sites that I guess it is public domain.

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